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Affirming Neurodiversity

"This page exists to provide information and support for diverse autistic adults and share our stories.

In seeking to understand autism, some people may come to know one individual with autism intimately and think that they understand autism, but as Dr. Stephen Shore says rather eloquently; “if you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism”! It is referred to as the autistic spectrum because there are so many different characteristics that fall under autism, including opposite extremes of one characteristic!

Fun fact: I am autistic. I only got my diagnosis at age 37 after getting my children's' diagnosis and thinking that explained all the difficulty of my life. It does. It's wild up in here.

I have been thoroughly disappointed as to how autism is still painted as a little boy's "disease" and mostly leaves out all the adults, women, and trans individuals with autism and their treatment. I find these populations to be the most marginalized and the most vulnerable.

I focus on aspects of autism like the gender diversity, issues common among those with autism, mental health issues, depression and anxiety in adults, and other non-academic issues. As a counselor, these are of pressing concern to me to prevent suicide rates among neurokin."

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