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Theory of Change

Our core belief is that there is no "right" type of brain. The diversity of human brains is just as important as diversity of race, culture, age, gender, and sexuality. Through our work, we hope to create long-term, positive impacts on neurodivergent folx quality of life. 

The Problem

Ableism.......... Neuronormativity...... 


Nurturing Community Engagement

Developing Capacity Building Programs

Increasing Accessibility of Neuro-Affirming Education and Supports

The Outputs

Objective 1.1: Increase awareness of neurodiversity and neuro-affirming practices. 

Key Results 1.1.1: Participate in local events such as resource fairs, street festivals, tabling events, etc.

Objective 1.2: Create community through connections with volunteers, stakeholders, and other local organizations. 

Key Result 1.2.1: Develop methods of regularly obtaining stakeholder perspectives.

Key Result 1.2.2: Collaborate with local organizations on programs that fit with both groups’ missions and visions.

Key Result 1.2.3: Organize an Adult Resource Group for ND adults to find community with each other, talk about their experiences, learn more about their neurotype, and share resources. 

Objective 2.1: Support parents and caregivers in learning about neuro-affirming practices.

Key Result 2.1.1: Parent and caregiver workshops and peer-to-peer sharing groups. 

Objective 2.2: Provide resources for professionals who work with ND individuals to learn how neuro-affirming practices can apply to their domain.

Key Result 2.2.1: Professional development workshops for educators, healthcare providers, and other professionals.

Objective 3.1: Offer scholarships for individuals to access neuro-affirming resources. 

Key Result 3.1.1: Establish applications for providers and recipients, guidelines for distribution, and feedback mechanisms to capture pre- and post- data. 

Objective 3.2: Establish an inclusive, trauma-informed, neuro-affirming school.

Key Result 3.2.1: Design a business plan. 

Key Result 3.2.2: Organize a “proof of concept” summer program. 

The Outcomes

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Our Impact

Neurodivergent folx have a better quality of life and can live authentic, fulfilled lives without shame or judgment. 

Neurotypical folx have a better understanding of neurodiversity, and how to accommodate people of all neurotypes in daily life. 

Neuronormativity is a thing of the past, and neurodiversity is common knowledge. 

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