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Reframing Autism

"Reframing Autism is different. We are a charity run by Autistic people, for Autistic people, and for our families and allies. Everything we do is informed by our own personal lived experiences as Autistic individuals ourselves, who love, work with, support and parent other Autistic people. But we also look to the most innovative, respectful, inclusive research, coproduced with the Autistic community, to supplement our knowledge and experiential expertise.

This combination of lived experience and research means that Reframing Autism offers a respectful, affirming, and evidence-informed approach to Autism."

Autism Essentials - Free, self-study course written by Autistic people and informed by research:

Reframing Autism Children's Books

Reframing Autism Podcasts

Milton’s ‘double Empathy Problem’: A Summary for Non-academics:

Fostering Autistic Wellbeing Through Self-Care and Self-Advocacy:

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