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Podcast Recommendations for Neurodivergent Families

 Hi everyone! Megan here. Today I’m sharing a list of podcast episodes that I curated to help both me and my family better understand my daughter’s sensory systems and her perspective as an Autistic person. 

Navigating caretaking for a neurodivergent child isn’t necessarily a linear path and as we understand more about embracing neurodiversity, there is a lot to learn about the Autistic/ADHD/Neurodivergent experience. Sensory needs and interoception are big themes in my household so I want to share with you what’s on our listening list to better understand the autistic experience and sensory processing. 

If you like learning from podcasts, we’ve put this together for you! Bookmark this page so you can come back to it! 

Let us know if you’ve found any of these helpful or have your own to share!

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Podcast Episodes

Two Sides of the Spectrum Podcast

We have several episodes of the podcast bookmarked. This podcast is mainly geared towards Occupational Therapists and other professionals, but as a parent and an autistic person myself, I find this perspective very helpful. 

We have studied Dr. Devon Price’s work in our book club and highly recommend his work. 

Evolve with Dr Tay - Real Conversations Designed for Autism Parents

I know Dr. Taylor Day, licensed psychologist,  personally and she generously shares a lot of knowledge with families and specifically works not only with autistic children, but also their families. Dr. Tay embraces neurodiversity affirming practices. In some episodes, person-first language is used (*has autism/with autism* instead of autistic but Dr. Tay’s views are that she follows the lead of the autistic community but also shows grace towards the clinicians who are still evolving). For this reason, this could be triggering for actually autistic folks BUT when I’m thinking about ways to educate family members and community of autistic folks, I think her perspective is really helpful. 

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